Dennis & Susan’s 41st Wedding Anniversary

About 36 years ago, I was born on my parent’s 5th wedding anniversary and this year while I was celebrating my 36th birthday, they were celebrating 41 years together. As time goes on we usually have fewer and fewer pictures of ourselves and loved ones, so last weekend I went down to their house and we went out to Port San Luis in Avila Beach for a little photo shoot. I know that my parents love each other, but it was really special to see that love through the lense of my camera. They were great, totally at ease with each other, laughing and having a great time, those were the moments I tried to capture, because for any of you that know my dad, he is a joker and getting him to keep a straight face rather than looking like a monkey was nearly impossible.

Mom and Dad, I hope you like the pictures, I had so much fun taking them, you are an inspiration to Toni and me and we can only hope to have the love that the two of you share for each other. Happy Anniversary, we love you.

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